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Help us build the world's largest directory of bowls clubs. We are the only bowls directory site which catalogues all clubs, everywhere, not just those with web sites or those in a particular country. We aim to give every bowls club an online presence.

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To find either a specific club or to find clubs located in a particular town, type words which are as specific as possible to that club.

For example, to find the contact details of Bungay Bowls Club, Suffolk, all you need to type is 'bungay' - don't bother with 'bowls club' and don't write 'Bungay, Suffolk' as that would list every club in Suffolk.

If you are looking for your local club then first try typing in your town name, if that doesn't bring up any matches then try a region or province name.

Leave the search field blank to match all club names.

Results are ordered by estimated relevance, (with varying levels of of success) - please tell us if you get weird results, as we are always looking for suggestions for improvements.

For many couhntries uses a defined list of regions or provinces. If you find that a region is missing then please use the closest approximation, and tell us about the mistake, we try to correct all mistakes quickly (our list of regions has over 1200 entries, so unfortunately mistakes are likely).
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About aspires to being the best source on the web for information about the sport of bowls and strives to provide top quality services for bowls club secretaries and members.

We provide a comprehensive directory of bowls clubs and associations, which we hope will become the definite resource of its type on the web. Access to this directory and inclusion of clubs and associations is (and will remain) a completely free service.

We welcome suggestions and criticism and will respond personally to all email that we receive. To contact us please click here.

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Directory Listings

Adding your club
(incomplete notes...)

To make the club directory as useful and reliable as possible we request that you try to follow these guidelines when adding or ammending your club's listing.

Please make sure your club is only listed once.
For example if you have men's and women's sections then please just list your club once (you could list seperate secretaries for each division if you wish).
If your club plays multiple types of bowls then again, please list it only once (and select all the types of bowls that are played).

These suggestions are made in the spirit of making the directory as useable and helpful as possible (ultimately of course, it's your decision how your club is listed).

Address and Postal Address
Please make sure that the main address for your club is where it is physically located. In particular please check that the club's rather than the secretary's address is listed. When people search for a club only this address is checked, and we present your club details giving this address as it's location . The postal address should only be filled in if it is different from the club address.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I list my club?
We very much hope you will consider it worthwhile listing your club at this site. There are several reasons that hopefully you may consider worthwhile. First, it will help new potential members find your club and make contact with you. If you already have a web site then our link to it will help promote your site, if you don't have a web site yet, then our free directory listings provide your club with a web presence where you can include contact details and summary information about your club. Helping to ensure that the directory is complete and accurate can save you time, for example providing a quick reliable source of contact information when arranging inter-club matches or organising tours.
Where does the information come from?
In the early stages of creating this website we have utilised diverse sources of public information to build up our bowls club database. In all cases we aim to be extremely carefull to utilise only accurate information sources that do not infringe personal privacy or inconvienience any person or organisation. We are gratful that some clubs have already registered with us, which ensures the accuracy of those listings by giving their secretaries complete control. If you have not already registered then this is completely free, quick and well worth doing.
Do I have to pay anything?
No, listing your club in our directory is completely free (and will remain so). We also provide the option of hosting fully-featured websites with us, but club directory listings (including description and logo) are a free service.
Why do you want my email address?
We ask for email addresses when you register so that if neccessary we can make contact to confirm your identity, to tell you about new services from this site, and also if you choose, to send you relevant bowls news. We will not give your details to anyone else and will never send you advertising or spam mail.
The information listed is wrong, what can I do about it?
If you are a representative of your club, the please register (using the link on your clubs info page) and update the details yourself, overwise please let us know and we'll correct things as soon as possible.