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Yokine Bowling Club

Address:10 Wordsworth Avenue

Western Australia
WA 6062
Email:Yokine Bowling Club
affiliation:BowlsAu BowlsWA BWAER
 Lawn bowls club
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Visitors' comments about Yokine Bowling Club

Ian Royle on 22nd August 2010 ()
Message for Ron Knight (President Jazz Club of Western Australia)
Hi Ron, re your message on Fred Burnett's site about your 'national jazz co-ordination organisation'.Sounds like we're on the same wavelength cobber! I'm in touch with Derek Dalton (trombone) up Brisbane way,Dave Stevens (clarinet) in Melbourne and Eric Holroyd (trumpet) in Sydney. I was lucky enough to visit Oz on the QE2 many years ago. Loved the Ozzies -have a niece in the Blue Mountains. Didn't get the chance to blow jazz onshore. Obviously missed a lot. Never got to Perth. Fastest wicket in Oz I believe (yes, I'm a cricket freak !)Maybe you'll add me to your jazz website. I'd love to hear from you.
Ian Royle
Freda Miatke on 9th June 2012 ()
I believe the Bowling Club was involved in the Cancer Morning Tea and attended and the Club helped out with the really great food for the event. My attendance was not associated with anyone who attend the Recreation Centre and I live 10 minutes close to Os Pk Bowling Club. Cancer is a serious matter and I'm trying to quit myself and have been to Cancer Foundation and my Doctors tell me some of them not to try quitting at the current time. Yet I've had relative die of chemical in farming life and a God child with Brain cancer. I was thrilled with the extra donations and in my day in the office when I started work you were not provided with stationery but it was the new ash tray it's hard to believe and I was a non smoker at the time. It was good for paper clips I felt that was what it was for. A laugh for you.
Well done! Until we really do find the answer to a Cancer full stop no more the best we can do is support as much as we all can do, no good throwing sticks and stones. I'm so radical about it I would raise the smoking age a year every year and take them out of the local shops. Let's have a bigger one next year it is not the cup of tea provided well pay for water in the car park if it can be done if it can be found the answer to Cancer. Congratulations to your Club and all that were in attendance.
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