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Indoor bowls associations, United Kingdom

Contact information and member clubs of indoor bowling associations in United Kingdom. Click on the bowls association's name to go directly to its website, or to see address and contact information and the list of member bowls clubs please click on the 'contact info' link.
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National indoor bowls associations


British Isles Indoor Bowls Council

The British Isles Indoor Bowls Council is the properly constituted body for the game of indoor bowls in the United Kingdom.

English Bowling Federation

The English Bowling Federation was formed in 1945, although the grass roots of the Federation may well be traced back some 53 years earlier to the North-East of England, when the Northumberland and Durham Bowling Association adopted rules which differed from the stronger and more popular EBA - less stringent 'Laws of the Game' with regard to the condition of bowling greens - the use of ditches and banks was not compulsory - in effect any reasonable grassed and level area was considered suitable - and this, as well as a flexibility in hours of play was a boon to a work force then working much longer hours than is the case today.

English Indoor Bowling Association

The English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) is the National Governing Body for Flat Green Indoor Bowls in England.

Scottish Indoor Bowling Association


Scottish Women's Indoor Bowling Association


Welsh Bowls Federation - Undeb Bowlio Cymru

The WBF is an umbrella body with responsibility for issues common to all bowls associations and is made up of representatives from the five national governing bodies: The Welsh Bowling Association (WBA); The Welsh Indoor Bowls Association (WIBA); The Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association (WLIBA); the Welsh Women’s Bowling Association (WWBA) and the Welsh Short Mat Bowls Association (WSMBA). The Welsh Bowls Coaching Association (WBCA) and Welsh Bowls Umpires Association (WBUA) are also represented.

Welsh Indoor Bowls Association


Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association


Regional indoor bowling associations

Local indoor bowls associations

Other indoor bowls associations