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Southern Districts Electric Light Bowls Association

Address and contact information for Southern Districts Electric Light Bowls Association.

The Southern Districts Electric Bowls Competition was inaugurated in 1954. The competing clubs decided some years later to form an official association, the Southern Districts Electric Bowls Association, which came into being in 2001 and is affiliated with the Royal Victorian Bowls Association.

The Association comprises some forty member clubs from the southern areas of Melbourne and these clubs field approximately sixty sides in the night pennant competition.

Member clubs
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club nameregion
Hampton RSL Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Highett Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Keysborough Bowls Club Inc.Victoria, Australia
Malvern Bowling ClubVictoria, Australia
Melbourne Lawn Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Moorabbin Bowling Club Inc.Victoria, Australia
Mordialloc Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Mount Waverley Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Mulgrave Country ClubVictoria, Australia
Murrumbeena Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Murrumbeena Park Bowls Club Inc.Victoria, Australia
Noble Park Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Sandringham Bowls Club Inc.Victoria, Australia
South Oakleigh Bowling Club Inc.Victoria, Australia
St. Kilda Sports ClubVictoria, Australia
Toorak Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia
Waverley Golf Bowls ClubVictoria, Australia

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