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Bowls Scotland

Address and contact information for Bowls Scotland.

Bowls Scotland is the national governing body for outdoor lawn bowls in
Scotland (male and female) and currently has 894 member clubs and 90,000

It was formed in 2010 after unification of both the Scottish Bowling
Association and the Scottish Women's Bowling Association.

Our aim is to widen awareness and increase participation in what is already
one of the most popular and successful sports in Scotland by building on the
superb work that has already been done by our clubs who take bowls to the
heart of almost every community in the country and by the national team that
has won more World Championship gold medals than any other country.
  National Centre For Bowling

Hunters Avenue

Email:Bowls Scotland
Phone:01292 294623
Fax:05601 131983

Member clubs
Results 1 to 20 of 900
club nameregion
Abbey Bowling ClubAngus, United Kingdom
Abbeyview Bowls ClubFife, United Kingdom
Abbotsford Bowling ClubScottish Borders, United Kingdom
Abercorn Bowling ClubRenfrewshire, United Kingdom
Aberdeen Bowling ClubAberdeenshire, United Kingdom
Aberdour Bowling ClubFife, United Kingdom
Aberfeldy Bowling ClubPerth and Kinross, United Kingdom
Aberfoyle Bowling ClubStirling, United Kingdom
Abergeldie Bowling ClubAberdeenshire, United Kingdom
Aberlady Bowling ClubLothian, United Kingdom
Abernethy Bowling ClubPerth and Kinross, United Kingdom
Abington Bowls ClubLanarkshire, United Kingdom
Aboyne Bowls ClubAberdeenshire, United Kingdom
Abronhill Bowls ClubDunbartonshire, United Kingdom
Adrian Bowling ClubFalkirk, United Kingdom
Agilent Technologies Bowling ClubLothian, United Kingdom
Airdrie Bowling ClubLanarkshire, United Kingdom
Airdrie Central Bowls ClubLanarkshire, United Kingdom
Airthrey Spa Bowling ClubStirling, United Kingdom
Albion Bowling ClubGlasgow, United Kingdom

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